Colchagua Valley, CHILE

Colchagua Valley

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The Colchagua Valley is one of the World's best wine growing areas. In fact in 2005 it was voted the World's best wine producing area. It is located about 75 miles southwest of Santiago and easily reached by Chile's main North/South highway, the Panamericana. The Colchagua Valley itself is about 73 miles long and approximately 23 miles wide. As with all premier wine growing area the keys to its success are weather and soil.  The valley has a balmy, climate matched only by parts of France and California also known for a reputation of producing fine wines. The air is exceptionally clear without smog or pollutants, and blessed by abundant sunshine and pure water. The average annual rainfall is an ideal 25 inches and happens mostly in Chile's winter months (May to August) and freezing temperatures are very, very rare. 
The Colchagua Valley is not unlike the Sonoma and Napa valleys of California.
These ideal situations from a vintners point of has made this area the home of Chile's most honored wine producers. A tour of it a must do for anyone who really wants to understand Chile's wine producers and who appreciates fine wines.

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  • Ckick here ofr the Santa Cruz HotelSANTA CRUZ     5. Santa Cruz 30KM from Colchagua Valley.  $151.