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Thousands of travelers have reserved hotels in Chile, car rentals, airlines, and tours on the Internet since 1995 through chile-hotels.com and saved money and time. The oldest and the best Internet site for on-line reservations for hotels and tours in Chile, here is why you should too. Click here to see our customers' comments.

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  • We never charge a fee to any passenger for our work in making a reservation. We are fully compensated for our work by the hotel or inbound tour operator.
  • We are travel professionals licensed to do business in Chile, and Internationally committed to your complete satisfaction, not the hotels' profits. We are committed to service to you our passenger.
  • We know in many cases our passengers are traveling to Chile for the first time, and perhaps do not speak Spanish very well or are a bit intimidated by going to Chile for the first time. We have an office in Chile that you can contact when you are there and can assist with any problems. You would be very hard pressed to call one of the world wide hotel sites with a problem when you are actually in Chile, with them you are on your own.
  • When you request a reservation we actually make your reservation with the hotel in real time and negotiate the best price possible for your reservation. We have found relying on automated systems, while faster and cheaper for us to use, ended up too many times with "lost" reservations or changed rates when our passengers arrived at the hotel. That is unaccepable to you and us. Using us we GUARANTEE your reservations.
  • An inconvenience with our system is we do not give you an instant confirmation. We actually contact the hotel on your behalf and demand in writing from the hotel the rate and availability. This is in your interest, so we appreciate your patience because it may take a day or two to confirm your hotel reservation, but it is a real reservation, confirmed to us in writing, not one from a bulk allotment or automated reservations system profile that the hotel may or may not honor when you arrive.
  • Because we do have an office in Chile, run by Chileans in co-ordination with us in the United States Division, we know the country and its hotels. We do not rely just on what the hotels say they are, we know them.
  • We have been in business since 1995. We are not a quick start Internet company that will not be there when you need us, our longevity is an endorsement from our passengers that we are providing the level of service they deserve and rightfully demand and so can you.We have made over 30,000 reservations for Chile, and each and everyone is important to us.
    Our staff is of knowledgeable and professional people in South American Travel

  • We have also an established US reservations center . Reservations are handled by LatinTrip Inc a fully licensed and accredited travel provider in North America, State of Florida, Seller of Travel License #ST35323 located at 13876 SW 56 Street, #234, Miami, Florida 33175. We are open 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM East Coast Time, from Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Saturday. Hablamos Espanol. Call us at 1-800-811-8829 from the USA and from other countries 1-786-272-9768, fax 1(786) 312-1640. Email us at reservations@chile-hotels.com. 

    Testimonials - Passengers full names are not shown to protect thier Privacy

    I meant to send this e-mail last week, but coming right back to work and then Easter prevented me for doing so.   I want to thank you for your excellent work on our vacation.  Everyone was prompt and wonderful.  We enjoyed our selves every minute.
    Thank you again,

    Hola Maria 
    – we are now back in Ottawa after a wonderful trip to Chile. I would like to particularly thank you for all the arrangements, especially the flights and the non-Explora hotels, which were your particular responsibility. All these arrangements worked perfectly, with no problems at all. The flights were efficient and pleasant, especially the business class flights to and from E. Island. The hotels were very comfortable and well-equipped, especially the Ritz in Santiago. Your careful planning made our trip relaxing and trouble-free. We will certainly recommend your services to anyone we know who is interested in travel to Latin America. With best wishes, David Morrow. 


    Dear Maria,
    I just spoke to you about making reservations for my January and February 2008 trip to Chile, and I want to thank you for being so helpful and informative. I will write to you very soon with specific information about where we want to go, and when, but in the meantime I wanted to say thank you. 
    Kathleen S.


    Dear Maria,
    Thank you for all your help setting up our recent trip to Chile: We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Chile. The tours that you set up for the Atacama Desert and Easter Island were excellent. The accommodations were good and tours companies were very professional. The Neruda Apartment Hotel worked very well with us since we stayed in Santiago for 6 nights. We did take your advice and took day trips for example to Valparaiso and to the Cajon de Maipo. Again, thank you for your travel services. 
    Julie S. 


    Dear Maria.
    The Explora Hotel was fabulous! We had a wonderful time. I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciated your help in getting us the reservations! Thank you also for the gift we found in our room. I was a bit nervous in the beginning, and I think I probably pestered you too much! However, you came through, and we had an unforgetable experience! Many thanks.
    Carol B. 

    Dear Maria,
     I want to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip. Everyone was so professional, and the guides on all the tours were so knowledgeable. Everyone was right on time and we had absolutely no glitches. We absolutely loved the Hotel Santa Cruz and thought the Hotel Galeria was lovely for an urban environment. Thank you so much for your help, professionalism, and expertise in making our trip to Chile a truly memorable experience! Your advice and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. Chile is a lovely country and we were so pleased to have experienced it with your help.


    Dear Cecilia
    Good morning.Mr/Mrs U. returned to Japan safely.They enjoyed the trip, and they were thankful for the complete arrangement by Latin trip.And they said guides were also very kind.So I am very happy and very pleased for your perfect arrangement andcooperation.I will ask you again for the next tour. Thanks,Muchas gracias.
    Arigato.Koji M.


    Dear Guillermo :
    We had a wonderful time on the trip to Chile. The tour guide from ADS Mundo (Emilena - I think that's how you spell it) was especially good and the tours of Santiago and Val Parasio/Vina del Mar made it much more than just a ski trip. The food up at Valle Nevado was also really good- better than we had in Italy! (I am Italian so that's a particularly hard thing to admit). The wine was better, too. I will recommend you if someone ask for advice on travel to Latin America Thanks again for all your help. 
    Tom R.


    Dear Guillermo and Maria
    Thank you for helping us to plan a wonderful trip to Chile.The itinerary, hotels and tour guides you selected were all very good. We had a great time. 
    John A. S and Associates P.C 

    Dear Maria,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the trip you arranged to portillo went off without a hitch.
    Everything was exactly as expected and no suprises.Thanks for your help and I will be speaking to you about other trips.
    Mitch M. 

    Dear Maria:
    I just returned from South America and the package to Easter Island that I purchased through you. Everything turned out well, just as you assured me. Thank you for your assistance and patience with all my questions. 
    Best regards, 
    Robert G. 

    Hi Maria:
    We have fallen in love with South America. Everything in Argentina and Chile was perfect. The travel guides and accommodations--both were wonderful. The highlights were: The exquisite Alvear Palace and Tango night/dinner at Esquina Carlos Gardel in Buenos Aires (also great shopping in Buenos Aires and nice city tour with guide), the beautiful Llao Llao between Lake Nahuel Huapi and Lake Moreno, the “sail” across the Andes with snow capped volcanoes and wild flowers arriving at lovely Puerto Varas on Lake Llanquihue with a striking view of the perfect Osorno Volcano; We liked everything about the Explora Lodge—it turned out that the weather for our entire trip was unusually sunny and clear with occasional rainbows. Only the second day hike at Torres del Paine was windy with sleet/rain/ (and snow for Lee who took the challenge of the hike to the British Camp) but even that day it stopped raining for lunch and the wind and rain just gave us a better feel for Patagonia. The vacation gods were definitely with us. The Explora staff and guides were all professional, informative and service oriented. Each day on the trail the guides unloaded their packs and carefully laid out a checkered table cloth for a delicioso lunch with hot soup, sandwiches with guacamole, artichoke hearts, home-made deserts and coffee with Baileys optional. We thoroughly enjoyed the Grey Glacier hike/glacier boat trip and the barbecue and horseback ride at the Estancia with the gaucho’s. We saw condors, guanaco families, rhea families and eagles. The purple and pink lupines and other wildflowers en route were absolutely stunning. We missed the catamaran/zodiac from Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales because of high winds but loved the penguin trip the next day on the way to Punta Arenas (the area opened about 8 AM – a great time when there are very few people in the study area and the penguins are out of their burrows with their young with one mate parading to the ocean for food. There are extensive board walks and a special viewing area to watch the gymnastics in the waves). The Ritz Carlton in Santiago was another plus, plus, plus –the rooms were lovely and the staff so accommodating with our late departure time. Every transfer went smoothly—the guides were always on time and extremely helpful with interactions at the airports. Thank you again for working so patiently with us to make all the pieces fit together. We will definitely highly recommend you personally and also Latintrip to our friends and families. 
    Best regards,
    Gail M, Lee M, Wesley R.


    Hi Maria
    I just got back from Argentina yesterday & wanted to let you know we had a wonderful trip! Thank you for all your arrangements --everything went very smoothly & there were no glitches -- which was pretty amazing given the complexity of travelling in Patagonia! We really loved the Explora Lodge -- that property is outstanding, & the weather was perfect. Thanks for the bottle of wine you sent, which was a nice welcome upon our arrival. We appreciate all your help to make our holiday trip a memorable one.
    Best regards,
    Carole H. 


    Dear Maria,
    I just wanted to give you a little feedback on our trip, which we returned home yesterday. It was fantastic start to finish. Our third leg of our trip was the Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza, and what a great place! The staff and facility were just great. We had a couple days of touring the area's museum, the wineries and an olive oil business. The town is very charming. We will definately be recommending the hotel and general area to our friends and family. And I personally look forward to returning some day. Mucho Gracias to you for all your help and suggestions. It all worked out beautifully.
    Continued success to you,
    David R.

    Hello Ceci,
    Returning from Chile, I would like to inform you that everything was OK and that all the services were provided according to what was agreed.Transfers, guides, excursions and car rental were just great. Concerning the hotels, only the rooms of Charles Darwin Hotel in Puerto Natals were quite small and the hotel has no other services than the (poor) breakfast. The Casa de Don Tomas, in San Pedro de Atacama, is a basic hotel but the rooms have enough space. All the rest were according to our expectations. In general, the only problem with the trip is time. To visit Chile we need, at least, 2 months, not weeks! Thank you very much for all your help and above all for the professionalism shown. I certainly would recommend your agency (and your personal) services to any of my friends who will consider a future trip to Chile.
    Best regards.
    José P.

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with our trip to Chile. The guides and services that Turismo provided were excellent. We had A women that picked us up at the airport and did our 2 tours in Santiago. Her name was Julie (or Julia) and then we had a man named James who took us on the tour of Vina/Valparaiso and transported us there. They could not have been better. The hotels were both great, and the locations were wonderful. Overall we had a fantastic trip. I would be sure to recommend your Services. If you ever need a recommendation please be sure to let me know.
    Thanks for everything.
    Kim K.

    Dear Sol,
    Now that we have just returned home, I just wanted to thank you for the bottle of wine that you left for us at explora; it was quite thoughtful of you and much appreciated. The entire trip went extremely well and everything flowed smoothly. It was a wonderful vacation and experience and we thank you for helping us make it happen. 
    With warmest regards,Richard R.

    Hi Sol..
    Trip was great....the hotels in ushuai and califate were perfect....very impressed with lanchile airlines...the people , the food...all was wonderful...thank you maria and thank you for the wine....it was delicious...bev schneir ........ just to let you know...the sheraton update....the food is not edible there! and they are doing some remodeling but i think if anyone had more than 24 hours to spend there they would be better off someplace else! thanks again for
    coordinating all the pieces ...it went just as planned and we all loved
    the trip....Bev.S.

    we had a WONDERFUL time on the Mare Australis and in Beunos Aires. I want to thank you for all you have done on our behalf. The cruise exceded my expectations and I couldn't get over how nice every one was to us! Also in BA, i wasn't used to that great "customer service"...I really do appreciate what you have done. If you are ever in San Francisco, I would like to buy you dinner.
    Thanks again, Bonnie F.


    I just wanted to thank you for all the guides you arranged for us during our recent trip in South America. They were all wonderful and we had a marvelous time with them.
    Thanks again.
    Stephanie R
    Hi Ceci,
    I am writing to you to thank you for arranging a wonderful stay in Santiago for my wife and I and for the Ross's. Everything was handled smoothly and without a problem. The Ritz-Carlton was superb and the tour guide we had was the best that I ever had. The guides name is Jorge Carpio and I have only nice things to say about him. He made our stay in Santiago a very memorable one. If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to use my name. I thank you again and hope that we do business again in the near future.
    Take care. Sincerely, Eugene S.

    Dear Maria and Ceci,
    Many thanks for all your hard work and for helping me put together Michel's Chile trip and Mr. C.'s pre-tour to Peru, Everyone had a wonderful time and said they really love the trip and Chile. All the hotels where great, the food fabulous the people very friendly. Ceci, you know how worried Mr C. was about getting his vouchers and tickets.... and would some one really be there to pick him up at the airport ect....well, he can't say enough good things about his trip and how well it was planned out. How nice everyone was, how great the tours where, how informative the tour guides where....he told me to highly recommend your company to anyone who wants to travel to Peru or Chile.
    Again, many thanks for all the hours you put into helping me.The next time I have clients that want a tour of either country I will definitely call you!!! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day today.
    Warmest Regards,
    Kim F.

    This is a short note to thank you for the excellent arrangements for our recent trip to Argentina. Everything went very smoothly and we had a wonderful time. In the future, we are planning to take a trip (3N) to Esteros del Ibera (Arg.) and staying at Posada Aquape, and to the Atacama Desert (Chile) and staying at the Explora Lodge (4N). When you have time, you might put together an itinery and cost estimate and send it to me. It would be better to visit the desert last.
    Maria and Ed C.


    Dear Guillermo.
    Our trip to Santa Cruz was incredible...
    Thanks for all your help,
    Fernanda R.

    would like to provide some individual feedback regarding our recent trip to Chile.
    Overall it was an excellent trip and we enjoyed ourselves very much. We would also recommend Latintrip, Skorpios and ADSMUNDO to our friends.
    We were very happy with the hotels including the Galerias in Santiago, the Colonos del Sur in Puerto Varas, the Santa Cruz Plaza in Santa Cruz and Los Lingues.Thanks
    Bill and Diane C.


    Dear Maria,
    My wife and I want to let you know that we are having a great time and experience in Argentina and Chile.  The arrangements worked out perfectly and your colleagues were most helpful.  We also found the hotels very good and the tours up to all expectations, including the weather.  We want to thank you for your expert assistance.
    I will be in contact when we return to Washington.  Best wishes
    John B.


    Hola Maria:
    Just want to let you know that we had a fabulous trip at the Explora. (we got the room upgrade ) 
    All of the Lan plane reservations were perfect too!
    Many thanks for all of your help.
    Can you also book Lan JFK to Santiago in business class at a lower rate?
    We are thinking about another Chilean trip next year already...
    All the best,
    Patti & Ken F.