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View of  Las Termas de Chillan  Mountains Winter View of  Las Termas de Chillan  Mountains Summer
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Las Trancas is on the main road from Chillán to Nevados de Chillán. Nevados de Chillan (also known as Termas de Chillan) has world class skiing, with some of the best powder snow in South America, set in pristine native forests. It has unmatched snow conditions, and is regularly used for Olympic ski training for skiers from the Northern Hemisphere during their summer months.  Las Trancas itself is 65 km (40miles from the city of  Chillan via paved road, and just 8km (4.5 miles) to the ski resort. The village has a number of bars, restaurants and small supermarkets, it has a good number of tourist facilities including resorts at a considerable cost saving over the one at Nevados de Chillan. 
The Chillán ski resort area of Nevados de Chillán is located 300 miles south of Santiago on the major train line from Santiago and on the Pan American Highway. It is a world class ski resort few yet know about. This hidden gem gets the largest annual snowfall per year of all the resorts in Chile. The extensive terrain is accessed by the longest chairlift in South America, and offers the most powder snow days. One of the main reasons to visit the city of Chillán is the touring access to the peaks of the Chillán Volcano and the nearby Nevados de Chillán at the base of active Chillán Volcano that offers amazing terrain, heliskiing, powder, hot springs and a relaxed environment.
Summer. The pristine forests and mountain vistas of Las Trancas also make a great summer retreat. Whether your interest is great scenery, trekking, trout fishing or just enjoying this unique spot in the heart of the Andes, Las Trancas is a great choice.So, summer or winter Las Trancas has something to offer almost every tourist.
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