>The Lowest Domestic airfares with Visit Chile Air Pass

The Lowest Domestic airfares with Visit Chile Air Pass

Air Pass/Code VS1A
From $245 US (2 coupons)
Santiago - Puerto Montt - Santiago
Air Pass/Code VS1B
From $265 US (2 coupons)
Santiago-Temuco / Puerto Montt-Santiago
Air Pass/Code VS 2
From $295 US (2 coupons)
Santiago-Punta Arenas-Santiago

Call Toll Free 1-800-811-8829 from the USA or from other countries dial 1-786-272-9768

Air Pass/Code VS3
From $385 US (3 coupons)
Santiago-Punta Arenas-Puerto Montt-Santiago
Air Pass/Code VS4
From $365 US (3 coupons)
Stgo-Pta Arenas-Pto Montt-Temuco-Stgo
Easter Island
From $665 US
Easter Island - Santiago - Easter Island

From $245 US
Santiago - Calama - Santiago


  • Rates include all taxes and ticket delivery to your hotel in Santiago at no additional cost. 
  • You may have your tickets sent to you in the US for an additional $ 20.00 for the courier (irregardless of how many tickets)
  • These tickets must be paid for (through your credit card) no less than 15 days in advance, and the rate is non-refundable, non-endorseable. 
  • The reservation must be made through us, and must be paid for within 5 days after reservation confirmed.